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Rewriting History

I often flesh out ideas with actual code. Most of the time this is simply a sketch exercise. Sometimes though , I work on this "sketch" enough that it becomes the "work". This is usually not an issue. However, like a sketch, I throw together ideas; jotting them down if you will.  The current project I am working on started this way. It is now at the point where I have deliverables and glaring issues from my choices. Issues to me at least. For instance, all pieces are in one git repository. This is not a huge deal. Personally, I prefer the import, mobile, and web folders to be their own repository to keep their commits and tags cleaner. Splitting a Repository A quick search provided two ways to move a subfolder to a new repository. This help guide from github  uses filter-branch , which comes with a warning: git-filter-branch is riddled with gotchas resulting in various ways to easily corrupt repos or end up with a mess worse than what you star